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The Valknut (pronounced as VAL-knoot) is a popular symbol often associated with Norse mythology. It comprises three interlocked triangles, creating an interesting geometrical figure that seems to have no beginning or end. Its name is a modern Norwegian compound word that translates to, “knot of those fallen in battle.”

There are many beliefs surrounding the symbol. The Valknut appeared in rune stones, memorial stones, and grave goods related to ship burials. Such archaeological evidence presents a strong connection with death.

It is also closely linked to Odin, who was a leader to various hosts of the dead. With its knot-like appearance, it is said to be a representation for Odin’s ability to tie up the minds of battling men, in order to manipulate the situation in his own favor.

The truth is, nobody really knows for sure about its origin and meaning.

However, given the available information about it, the safe assumption would be that the Valknut represents the transition from living to death and death to living, as well as the power to bind and unbind destiny.

Between the two equally powerful symbolisms, we choose to abide by the second one. We believe that with enough ability and faith, everybody can move their life towards the direction they prefer, understanding the intricate web of destiny and deciding on how best to weave through it.

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