Our Special Creation


The Draft Fresh Lager, our pride and joy, is a beer that promises to give you an entirely new drinking experience. Before it reaches your grip, it goes through a technologically advanced brewing process. We use only the finest ingredients, matching the requirements for optimal condition.

With just one sip of this beer, you’ll immediately taste its unique freshness, one that captivates every inch of your being. That is because we make sure to inject a little bit of our magic in the recipe, giving it this satisfyingly smooth flavor.

Whether you get it on tap, in can or bottle, you can still recognize the joy that pure drafts bring.

Our products:
  • Draft on Tap (30L Keg)
  • Draft Pint (330 ml Bottle)
  • Draft Quart (633 ml Bottle)
  • Draft Can (323 ml Can)

To know more about the quality of our beer, check out our beer making process.